diary | maintenant à bordeaux

February 1, 2011

It’s amazing, I arrived just on Sunday morning and I feel like I’ve been in France since a super long time.

So things went like this, got to the airport and along with my boyfriend had to drag all my luggage {3 bags of 50lb. and 1 bag of 22lb. + his backpack, my purse and his small bag} all the way to our hotel in Luxembourg.

{btw he surprised my with a gift as soon as I landed – A cellphone!! so I can talk with him anytime, and stay in touch with my friends and family back in mex <3}

Then we went to a small café to after meet with my boyfriend’s sister at Jardin du Luxembourg {she gave me a belated bday gift :D}. We spent a while there catching up and walking but the dicided to go back to the hotel super early (I was freezing).

On monday we left the hotel at 12h went to eat {I still have to get used to the fact that people here eat at 12h-14h max while I’m used to eating around 16h} to then drag those freaking bags all the way to the apartment we’ll be living at {we were lucky, cuz they give us the keys on friday but the owner let us drop all my things yesterday at 13h30 sharp} so after running to do that we pretty much spent all the day at the school’s offices for my inscription.

At 19h30 we took the train to Bordeaux and arrived at his home around 00h completely exhausted. And since we’ve been in a LDR for so long, there were all the bday, xmas, new year, etc gifts waiting for me :) {I’ll upload some pics!}

Now he’s at school and I’m like a bear hibernating, I just can’t even get out of the room it’s friggin freezing!

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