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February 14, 2011

Today once again I swore a little when my alarm went off… I felt as if I had slept 5 min.

{For some reason I just felt extremely exhausted, and it’s not like I’ve not much exhausting things lately. Yesterday we just went to Montigny to visit some of my bf’s family and we came back a little late, I don’t know maybe taking the RER at those hours is what made me feel “tired” lol.}

So then super sad I went to take my shower {it’s the worst that can happen to me if I just opened my eyes and it’s cold} but when I came out I found the table set with my breakfast :) My bf woke up early and set it all in the meantime while I was showering <3 It may not seem like much, but those little things are the ones that matter the most to me. Plus he cut the toasts like little hearts! {gotta love him seriously}

And now I’m back from my lesson almost falling asleep, just cleaning up a bit. And happy because I’ll meet him for lunch at 13h :D He has to work late today, so I’m still not sure whether we’ll go somewhere special in the night or just stay in.

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